Commodity Trade Finance


At a glance

Bridging the gap between countries and clients

Whether your company is involved in international trading, marketing your own production or importing goods for distribution on your local market, BCP offers a personalized trade finance solution designed to protect your interests.

Ever since its founding in 1963, BCP has prided itself on being a "Trade Finance" bank. BCP's Trade Finance Department provides a wide spectrum of professional services and financing to companies engaged in international trade and to manufacturers exporting their production across borders.

In 2018, our documentary credits volume financing international trade reached CHF 28 billion, resulting from transactions covering almost the entire range of commodities. Through a worldwide network of correspondent banks, BCP is present in all key areas of the globe.

BCP's expertise aims for applying the appropriate structure for each international trade transaction with timely and efficient handling of the underlying financial instruments and other related documents.

While taking into account the general trend towards globalization in all sectors, we consistently emphasize personal relationships and the quality of friendly, helpful and prompt service.

Throughout the years, BCP has developed a highly diversified portfolio of traders in commodity sectors such as steel, grains, fertilizers, sugar, cocoa, rice, tobacco and, more recently, energy products, including oil and its derivatives as well as coal.

“With Trade Finance as its traditional core activity, BCP offers in-depth expertise, covering most regions in the world where its customers’ products are produced and consumed”